Sondre Ulvund Solstad


I research and teach international relations, formal and quantitative methods, and comparative political economy as a doctoral candidate and at Princeton University.

My research centers on technology, innovation, and the role of money and other resources in political competition. I was awarded the 2018-2019 Fellowship of Woodrow Wilson Scholars for outstanding research in the public interest among PhD students at Princeton University.

Beyond research, I write as columnist at Dagbladet, the second largest newspaper in Norway (1.5M daily readers).

I studied International Relations (B.A.) at New York University, Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Mandarin Chinese at Peking University. Prior to my studies, I served as a conscript in the North Brigade of the Norwegian Army.

In addition to understanding things, I enjoy jazz, pro MOBA, coffee, philosophy, literary criticism, and travels to new places.

I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I can be reached at: